Kate Spade Inspired Canvas

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


When I saw this piece of DIY art on pinterest I instantly fell in love.  I love DIY projects, especially home decor related crafts.  This is super easy to make and you don''t need many supplies. 
My Tutorial is inspired by this one at JaderBomb I came across on pinterest. 
You will need:
A square 12 x 12 white canvas
A circle punch(Otherwise you will need to trace and cut out your circles)
I used Rustoleum's Gold Metallic Spray paint sprayed on white scrapbook paper. 
I also used Martha Stewart's fine glitter(Florentine gold, and Smoky Quartz) mixed with modpodge painted on white cardstock to create the glittery dots. 
 I bought a big Gold Metallic sheet of scrapbook paper(from Hobby Lobby) for the super shiny circles.  

I'm sure you can modify the supplies and use what you have from your own craft collection. 
 I saw that some people bought glittery scrapbook paper, and used that.  I love the way mine turned out though.  I am obsessed with Martha Stewart glitter.(It is soo pretty.)
I also think that Rustoleum Gold Metallic is the perfect shade of gold paint.  I think that the gold metallic dots(I didn't use as many) really completed the look, but I felt that if all of them were done in the metallic it would be overwhelming and might look funny when light hit at certain angles.   I like the mix of the different shades of gold together.    I also made a large version of this using a 24 x 30 white canvas.  I hung them both up in the same room on separate walls.  I have this in my family room but I could see it in a bedroom, office or even a dining area. 
I cut out all my circles then placed them where I wanted.  I then proceeded to glue each dot down in place using modpodge and a small paintbrush.  The tutorial I linked used a glue gun which would probably be much easier, but I don't own one so I used what I had.  Now your done its as simple as that, all that's left to do is hang it up! Enjoy your fabulous new wall art.
The circle punch is also amazing for creating super cute confetti. You could use gold paper for some Kate Spade inspired confetti! I'm pretty sure they actually do sell that, or multicolor tissue paper for kids birthday parties would be really fun. 


  1. Thanks Erin! I love your blog! I want to make one of the wrapped bracelets with the rhinestones. Hopefully it comes out as nice as yours!


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