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Friday, February 27, 2015

Celestial coaster set

Gorgeous coasters that come in a variety of other colors.  Would be a great way to add some glamour to your bar cart or buffet.

Emma jar 
Obsessed with this jar.

The Hannah tassel necklace

I just snagged this little beauty.  It has been out of stock the past few times I've attempted to order it.  I highly recommend this site for jewelry if there is anyone in need of a few new Spring pieces.   I've said it before, but their customer service is the best!

DIY Peony painting

If you'd like some Springy art for your space check out this painting tutorial by Evelyn Henson. 
I am in love with her painting style and just recently bought this print from her Bar cart mantra collection. I saw on her instagram she just started offering painting classes which I would be overjoyed to take if I lived in the same area! Her art is just so bright, fun and happy.  There are really great pieces for those looking to start a gallery wall.  

My Evelyn Henson print. 

DIY Campaign dresser 

I've been swooning over the campaign dressers all over pinterest and would really love to DIY my own version to use as a tv stand.  I am planning on fusing two of them together somehow.  The problem is I am extremely indecisive and I'm going to have trouble choosing a color.   

Here are the contenders...



Any suggestions are welcome! I would love to hear your opinions.

This is the wall color in our living room 

via Amazon Absolute Beauty

Ayurvedic beauty and skincare guide

I have been interested in reading this book for a while now.  It has tons of positive reviews and is based around the idea of what you put into your body as well as your thoughts directly affect the condition of your skin.  

Vibrance pure healthy hair vitamins

I just started taking this healthy hair supplement, which I am hoping will aid in growing back my locks before Summer. lol I'm missing my long hair! I will post a review soon.

Healthy DIY Starbucks frappuccino...your welcome

There is the option to make this drink dairy free which I love and I am determined to make my own vanilla bean version.  I just recently baked vanilla bean cupcakes and they were out of this world.

Why isn't Spring here yet?

Happy Friday!! 

Linking up with the beautiful and newlywed Amanda at Meet @the Barre.  Go check out her blog for the most absolutely stunning wedding photos! 

Hello Gorgeous

Monday, February 23, 2015

Healthy smile essentials & Hyperbiotics PRO Dental

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A healthy smile is a top priority of mine.  Good oral health is important for a number of reasons.  Proper oral care can prevent tooth decay and loss, gum disease and even prevent other problems from occurring in your body.  An untreated oral issue can actually lead to a number or health problems such as infections and heart disease.  It is important to take measure to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy as your overall health is contingent upon it. While most people know how important it is to schedule regular dental appointments, brush, floss, etc here are a few extra tips to step up your dental regimen!  

Here are some of my favorite products I like to use to keep my smile healthy and radiant.

I implement coconut oil for an abundance of health and beauty needs.  One of which is Oil Pulling.   Oil pulling is said to remove harmful bacteria, naturally whiten teeth and improve gum health. To learn more about the process check out this link.  Coconut Oil Pulling

Supersmile professional whitening toothpaste is by far the most efficient whitening paste I have tried thus far.  The results are not quite as dramatic as a true whitening system, but you will see real results.  I purchase mine on Amazon through a subscription program which enables me to recieve a discount.  

I have been an avid user of probiotics for years now.  During the first year of my oldest son's autism diagnosis I spent countless hours researching ways to improve health issues that are often accompanied by the disorder.  Gastrointestinal issues being one of them.  Through probiotics I was able to improve Luke's digestive issues which I am grateful for.  They are a simple solution as they can be purchased in the form of a chewable tablet with a pleasant flavor.  Considering the results I have had with typical probiotics I jumped at the chance to review a new dental probiotic on the market which is hyperbiotics PRO- Dental.

This post has been powered by brand backer.

Hyperbiotics is a company that produces 100% natural probiotics designed for a variety of health demands.  Dental probiotics are a new concept developed to revolutionize your dental check-ups. 

What are they?
Pro-Dental consists of probiotic strains that work together to improve oral health.
One of which included is the strain S. Salivarius which produces an enzyme that works to dissolve and loosen plaque that can cause cavities, and other threats to dental health.  PRO-Dental works to repopulate the healthy bacteria in your oral and nasal cavities, as opposed to a typical probiotic which focuses on your GI tract.  By keeping the body's natural microbiomes in tact, it helps ensure healthy teeth, gums, nose, throat and sinuses.  It comes in the form of a small mint flavored chewable tablet.  

Why should I try them?

Probiotics are a very simple way to improve your oral health.  You simply chew a tablet after you've brushed and flossed your teeth.  

They help to reduce tooth decay and staining which is good news for all the coffee drinkers out there!

They fight bad breath and canker sores.

They are great for allergy sufferers and support the health of the ears, nose and throat and promote healthy sinuses. 

They also claim to help in the reduction of tonsil stones and tooth sensitivity.

I highly recommend this product if you have recently used antibiotics.  Antibiotics can throw off the balance of good bacteria in your body as they kill both good and bad bacteria.

My experience

I enjoy taking PRO-Dental supplement.  I have noticed a huge reduction in sinus pressure.  I suffer from environmental allergies that seem to be worse in the winter months.  I blame the dry heat.   The tablets leave your mouth feeling very fresh.  It is a noticeable feeling that lasts throughout the day.  I would recommend them to anyone that suffers from allergies, frequent tooth problems or anyone looking to take their dental health up a notch.  My oldest son has severe allergies and I plan to let him try this product, but wanted to test it out myself beforehand.  I am confident it is going to help.  Children with allergies tend to suffer a lot, because it can affect their attention and behavior.   Overall I am very happy to have had the chance to try out this probiotic and plan to repurchase.   
Hyperbiotics also has a line of probiotics intended for use during pregnancy, which I would certainly be looking into if I were pregnant.

If you are interested in purchasing this product or learning more here is a link to follow.       

Here is a link to an interesting article about why our bodies need probiotics.  

So those are my favorite ways to keep my smile healthy, what are yours?




What I've been up to lately & Motivational Monday

Monday, February 16, 2015

    I just bought this amazing candle today at Bath and Body works.

I made homemade sugar cookies for the first time on Friday.  #Heygirl

Made this cake and cupcakes for a friend's daughter this weekend.  The theme was pretty appropriate for the weekend...

Between Emily's birthday and cake orders I've been spending the past few weekends baking.  

We celebrated our little princess turning two the weekend before.  Which I am hoping to recap one day this week!

Glitter confetti 

Some more cakes...

On to Motivational Monday! 

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