May Goals!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hey Ladies!

I've decided to join one of my favorite blogger babes ( Biana @ B Loved Boston ) in sharing my goals for the month of May! Thanks for the inspiration Biana! 
I am hoping this way I will feel more accountable and I will post a follow up in June to let you all know how I did ;). 

On to my May Goals! 

1) Learn to use my DSLR camera
I have this one.  I have been holding out hoping my husband would take up an interest in photography and then show me the ropes, but no such luck just yet.  Looks like it will me up to me. lol

2) Learn to bake Macarons

I swoon over Sweet Bake Shop's macaron pics on instagram on a daily basis.  

I don't expect to be a pro at these to start, but at least get an attempt in for the month! I am sure they require tons of practice to perfect. Once Brittany and I finalize everything and begin our home cake business these gorgeous cookies are a must have item! If neither of us are able to master this art we may just decide to hire a fabulous macaron girl! Anyone in the philadelphia area feel free to apply! I'm only half kidding here lol.

3) Narrow down a great list of products to offer for our future business

Decisions, Decisions

4) Master a crepe paper Rose

5) Organize my craft supply/Office

It's current state is not pretty....
I need to get to ikea to snag some more of these boxes so my supplies can be closer to this inspiration photo below! 

6) Drink less coffee!

I plan to replace my daily second cup of coffee with a matcha smoothie instead.  Not from starbucks though I am more of a DIY kind of girl! 

7) Start this workout! 

I tag anyone reading to share a few of their own goals for this month.  I love reading blog posts focused around goal planning. Or leave me a comment!  

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