Friday Favorites!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Friday Favorites! 

Cute, Customizable(& affordable) Rose painting.
Available for purchase here GALLERY WALL

Perfect for a gallery wall!

Crop tops done right! 

Images via  and Harpers Bazaar      

Loving Kourtney K's crop top look.  The skirt is not my fave but I like the silhouette.

Naya looks perfect.

I think they both look gorgeous.
Unfortunately pencil skirts do not flatter my shape whatsoever!

Dying to check out a lush cosmetics shop one of theses days.
Have you guys ever been?

Who couldn't use some luxurious bath bombs/ bubble bath?
I also heard they are great to use to scent your drawers, etc.

Mermaid Polish
Deborah Lippmann- Mermaid's Dream

How Amazing does this salad look?

Maxi skirts as a chic cover up

Little cream flower clip from 

I bought this sweet little flower for Emily.
I may or may not be borrowing it this summer...

Love this quote.
Definitely a goal of mine.

Happy Friday Dolls! 

DIY Caramel Frappuccino!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nail color -KARDASHIAN KOLOR Nail polish (All Kendall-ed up) By OPI

I LOVE starbucks frappuccinos, but I do not love paying for them. Here is my DIY frappuccino recipe.  

You'll Need
Instant coffee or instant espresso
Vanilla almond milk(I prefer to use Silk brand)
Your favorite Ice cream(I like to use caramel)

If you would like to keep this drink dairy free use coconut milk ice cream!

How to
Mix 1-2 tsp of instant coffee with 3/4 cup boiling water.
Add 3/4 cup vanilla almond milk.
Add one scoop of ice cream.

Chill in the fridge for at least 25- 30 min

Starbucks at home, it's as easy as that! 
To make this even more heavenly top with a little whipped cream and caramel syrup.

Memorial day in pictures!

Red, White & Blue Sangria! 
Riesling + Blueberries, strawberries and gala apples. 
I had intentions to cut the apples into stars but it was way harder than I thought it would be lol.

Polka dots & Baby pigtails! 

Finally my roses are blooming!

Luke. Emily and Cole
None of these kids were in the mood for pics yesterday.
Emily tried to steal the camera from me numerous times lol.

DIY Caramel Frappuccino
Will post the recipe later in the week. :)

Outfit selfie
Let's just pretend the background is not a disaster. 
H&M Dress-Love this dress! I was impressed with the quality.
Faux pearls from Express

Sugar cookie "fruit pizza" Made by my fab sister! 

Hope everyone was able to spend time with family and made the most of their Holiday weekend!

Weekly FAB FIND!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Butterfly petal necklace

$24.50 and FREE SHIPPING(today only!)

What are you waiting for go get one! :)

Motivational Monday!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Can't argue with that!

Sounds about right


M-Barbecue at my parents, Happy Memorial Day!  

T-Italian chicken veggie kebabs with garlic mashed potatoes

W- Chicken Scampi

T- Steak fajitas

F- Chicken in peanut sauce with vegetable fried rice
(I just add fresh veggies to Rice a roni- fried rice) One day I'll try making my own.

S- Mozzarella sandwiches with Marinara for dipping

S- Penne in vodka meat sauce  

I finally found the perfect gold polka dots.
Scroll down if you're in the market for some beautiful and creative wall decals for your home.
I found the perfect place!

Gold polka dot LOVE, Accent Wall inspiration!

I really adore a well done accent wall and I have been dreaming of doing one with gold polka dots.

I have a serious love for gold polka dots which all started with the Kate Spade confetti line.
Although I don't actually own any of it...
I have what you might call champagne taste living on a beer budget lol.  
Which is one reason I am a passionate DIYer.
I had all intentions of trying to make these gold polka dots myself, but i found this brand on Etsy and plan to order them this week.(So excited!) I Just have too many projects on my to do list and I don't feel like putting this one off any longer.  The company is called Urban Walls.

I plan on doing the polka dot wall in our office/computer room.  I think they are so sweet for a nursery or a play room also.  If I have any left over I'm going to add some in our closet or Emily's room.

I mean who could not find a place for these somewhere in their home? #Obsessed

Here are some of my favorite inspiration photos! 

Image via

How adorable is this kid's space?
I would have loved this as a little girl!
Image via

They offer a nice variety of Gold(as well as many other gorgeous colors) decals on their site.
Check out their facebook page for more inspiration!
Urban Walls Loves Gold!
I am fond of the I heart you decal and the positive quote as well.

What do you guys think? Would you have a place for these in your home? Or do you have some up already?  

Ikea mini shopping spree & DIY Open shelving!

Friday, May 23, 2014

I love Ikea and if I was given the chance for a shopping spree it would be a toss up between Ikea, Land of Nod, Home Goods and Crate and barrel! I love all of their stuff esp Land of Nod! I swoon over that catalog! :) 

Marc and I took a little ikea trip on mother's day while my parents kept an eye on the kids.  It was nice because it was not crowded at all, so we were able to really look around.  We ended the trip with cheese fries(since our closest ikea is located in the city and cheese steak places make the most amazingly delicious cheese fries!). 

Here's what I got!

We got this nice big salad bowl.

Can't forget the kids!
Rainbow dinnerware and it was super cheap!

A wooden lazy susan/ turn table.  I plan to use for cakes.

This big mirror I have been coveting for like ever.
I put it in our bedroom.

This cube bookshelf.  I made a half attempt to style them but am nowhere near finished!
The children's books are there to distract Emily from tossing everything else off the shelves that she can reach lol. 

DIY Open shelving!
I've always wanted some open shelving to display glasses, etc in our kitchen so I went for it on Wednesday! I just removed the doors and filled in my prettiest kitchen stuff.

The bottom clear glasses were purchased on our ikea trip.

The wine glasses above are from the dollar store(the big ones to the right)...believe it or not!

I have plans to paint gold polka dots on the tea cups and big serving pieces, but want to look into it first to make sure I get the right materials so it will last!

Accent wall before you enter the kitchen.  Palm Prints from Overstock

I also got my 3 big white frames for my DIY Prints but have not hung them up yet!

Happy Friday!

Barbecue chicken quesadillas!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

These quesadillas are inspired by Chili's and they go great with a side of potato skins(or fries)! They are cheesy, barbecue perfection.

Make barbecue chicken in your crock pot with this incredible recipe from (Stick a Fork in it)!
You have to use Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce !
You'll also need White Vinegar
Garlic Pepper
Red Pepper flakes
and Brown Sugar

Or just use precooked chopped chicken and add Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce to it if you'd like to make things really easy.

I usually make these the day after I do Barbecue chicken in the crockpot using the leftovers! 

You'll also need:
chopped sweet onion or red onion
Wraps(I always use Tumaro's 60 Calorie Honey wheat) 
Shredded Sharp Cheddar 
Butter or Olive oil


1.Cook your chicken and chop it up. Then set aside.
2.Cook your onion in a pan with butter over med heat until caramelized. Remove from pan and set aside.
3. Set your wrap out on a chopping board and cover with a layer of chopped BBQ chicken, a little bit of caramelized onion, and cheddar cheese.  
4. Top with another wrap.
Cook in a pan with a small pat of butter over med heat until both sides of the quesadilla are a golden brown color.
Or bake in your oven at 350 degrees for about ten minutes(just keep an eye on it)

Serve with a side of sour cream!


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