Motivational Monday!!

Monday, May 12, 2014


Start each day with a grateful heart.

Totally me

Happy Monday!! 

Dinner menu

M- Hawaiian chicken sandwiches
T- Pizza and salad
W- Penne alla vodka meat sauce with zucchini
T- Taco salads
F- Barbecue chicken, macaroni & cheese with garlic bread
S- BBQ chicken quesadillas
S- BLT croissants with avocado


  1. I love these on Monday's!!! We're making steak quesadillas on Saturday...just love making quesadillas at home!! :)

  2. Love reading these on Monday mornings!

  3. I love all these quotes and you also reminded me I need to meal plan for the week! eeek!

  4. LOVE motivational Mondays - b/c I need it!!!!


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