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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cheap & Chic DIY Wall Art Idea!

My gorgeous floral patterned fabric finally arrived(from Spoonflower). I've been anticipating the arrival of this fabric for weeks!(and anxiously running to check the mail every day lol)  I am in love with the colors and plan on incorporating more of them into our living room soon.

Bright pink, blush, aqua, charcoal and mustard.
There are many fabrics to choose from I picked the organic cotton sateen.
You can actually order it as gift wrap or a wall decal as well. 

My original plan was to just wrap the fabric around a large canvas and hang it up as a large piece of art but seeing it in person I realized the pattern is just too small and repetitive for that idea.

When I previously posted this paper before(it comes in a fabric as well which was what I ordered) another blogger (Samantha from Playdates + Pearls) had previously suggested buying three samples and framing them for some cheap DIY art which is exactly what I plan to do!(with the fabric I already have)
Also check out Playdates + Pearls for more fab ideas from DIY to interior design, fashion, makeup and her weekly Lust list! I ♥ her blog. 

I purchased a yard of the fabric.

I found some frames on Ikea that I think would be perfect.  

This is not the finished product
I made this image to kind of predict what it should look like when it is finished.

My living room is painted a very similar color to the background kind of a Greige.

It is actually a Valspar paint that I had color matched to Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter. 
Thom Filicia features some of his favorite paint swatches in his book Thom Filicia Style and I actually used the page to color match it at Lowes. Which btw is an amazing interior design guide! One of my favorites. I would die to have him design my home. Was I the only one who loved Dress my Nest?

What do you guys think?

Or do you think it needs something different featured in the middle to break up the pattern.

Like maybe this..

Made by girl LOVE Candy print

Like I need an excuse to order from Made by girl!

I have this print in Gold already : )

I'm also in the market for a new mascara!
Who has a good preferably drugstore brand Mascara that they would recommend?
Marc and I actually have a night out planned on Saturday(It's my birthday!) and my mascara needs to be replaced already! On a side note not really looking forward to turning 28 but oh well!

I plan to post a pic of my new ombre hair after the weekend since we are going out and I'll have someone to take the pic besides myself lol! 

I was using MAC's Haute & Naughty which I was obsessed with at first but it dried out very quickly!
Which is annoying.
Leave your fave mascara in a comment please!
Also one that holds a curl well would be greatly appreciated.
I am the queen of curled eyelashes(even at the beach) and could not live without my eyelash curler! Lol
Yes I get made fun of for it Don't worry! Haha


  1. I actually like it both ways with all three hanging or the love print in the middle but leaning towards all three the same! I'm so excited to see your hair and happy early birthday!! I've been super bad with mascaras lately and bought a ton of tiny ones from sephora to sample!!

  2. ooooh i love this! i love the all 3 together, gorgeous!

  3. Love that floral print and the idea of putting it into frames.

  4. You are just the sweetest, like ever!!! Thank you so much for the shout-out!!! I'm in love with that fabric. So many great color options. I like both options - but if you put the love print in between I would make the two flanking pictures smaller to add dimension. :-)
    My fave mascara has been The Falsies in the waterproof formula (the original all purple packaging, not the new big eyes dual wand). It's the only mascara that holds a curl for me.
    Thank you again sweet friend!! XO

  5. Love this!! All three together is so pretty!! Great idea! :)

    <3, Pamela

  6. i can't decide which piece i like better! i think the LOVE one is so classic and pretty.

  7. I love simple and easy..oh and absolutely gorgeous!
    Mariel Collins
    Living For His Glory

  8. I use to use that one but I agree it dried out so quickly! I have always been a big fan of "they're real" by benefit really does hold the best extension :)

  9. That print is gorgeous! I use Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes and I can't rave about it enough. I've tried many different brands even designer mascaras and this one is truly my favorite. Doesn't smudge, it lengthens, and makes your eyes pop! I highly recommend it! New follower!


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