Friday Favorites!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Friday Favorites! 

Cute, Customizable(& affordable) Rose painting.
Available for purchase here GALLERY WALL

Perfect for a gallery wall!

Crop tops done right! 

Images via  and Harpers Bazaar      

Loving Kourtney K's crop top look.  The skirt is not my fave but I like the silhouette.

Naya looks perfect.

I think they both look gorgeous.
Unfortunately pencil skirts do not flatter my shape whatsoever!

Dying to check out a lush cosmetics shop one of theses days.
Have you guys ever been?

Who couldn't use some luxurious bath bombs/ bubble bath?
I also heard they are great to use to scent your drawers, etc.

Mermaid Polish
Deborah Lippmann- Mermaid's Dream

How Amazing does this salad look?

Maxi skirts as a chic cover up

Little cream flower clip from 

I bought this sweet little flower for Emily.
I may or may not be borrowing it this summer...

Love this quote.
Definitely a goal of mine.

Happy Friday Dolls! 


  1. Love the idea of a maxi skirt as a coverup! Can you make that salad and then let me know how it is?! :) And do your tweaking to make it even more fabulous? Hope you have a great day off and happy Friday!

  2. That painting is so pretty! I seriously have an obsession with crop tops lately! I feel like they are the only thing I buy haha! I need that nail color! Happy Friday!!

    <3 Shannon

  3. LOVE Naya's crop top. And LUSH is such a fun store!! Everything is super messy (in the best way) and even if you buy nothing, you always leave smelling amazing :)

    xx 365HANGERS

  4. Naya looks amazing. pencil skirts do not look good on me at all, and crop tops arent my thing haha. maxis as a cover up? perfect! lush is the best, but worst for my wallet haha.

  5. Love all of this! Especially Naya's outfit and that nail polish! Amazing! I think I need a chambray pencil skirt in my closet! Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela

  6. So much goodness in this post! I love crop tops when done right! And I love the simple rose print-- also what JM candle is that?! I'm sure it smells amazing! I haven't been to lush in a couple of years but I've been wanting to pick up the ocean salt scrub again!

  7. I've never been a big fan of crop tops but I do like them when a teeny tiny bit of skin is showing. Not that I'd ever wear them! I need to get my abs into shape first. That salad does look amazing! Have a great weekend!

  8. That rose painting is gorg! I totally agree with you - gallery wall addition. :-)

    1. Isn't that painting amazing! I definitely need one or more lol.


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