Motivational Monday!

Sunday, May 18, 2014


It is.

Always & Forever

Just don't compare at all

Just Don't do it!


Can I please just live here?


M BLT Croissants (bc I didn't make them yesterday! We had a grad party over the weekend so I didn't cook on Sat!) Not that BLT's really count as cooking haha!
T French Onion meatloaf & Roasted Veggies (Thanks for the idea Biana!)
W Spinach ravioli in tomato cream sauce 
T Baked potatoes with toppings & broccoli
F Buffalo chicken salad
S Mini burgers with caramelized onions & homemade fries 
S DIY pizzas 

My new toned down ombre!

Here is the worst selfie ever!(really bad glare)
I am really terrible at selfies who has some tips? lol
I took it in my new ikea mirror(that I am obsessed with!)
I'll have Marc take a better pic and get one of how it looks from the back & post later in the week.

Happy Monday!


  1. Your hair looks so great!! I'm so happy that you took the risk because it totally paid off!! Love all the mantras - they always make my Monday mornings!! Your menu looks so good - YUM!!

  2. Your hair looks awesome!! I’ll gladly move into that fabulous home too!

  3. Love these quotes. Your menu looks delish and I love the hair color!

  4. LOVE your hair!! Do we look alike?! I felt like I just saw a pic of myself. Lol My fav quote is "don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle"...words to live by. I'm always so hard on myself, and that seems to put me in check. :-)

    1. Lol! A little! I think it is the long ombre locks! I totally had a quote that said don't be so hard on yourself that i forgot to include! XO

  5. Ummmmm you are so gorgeous and loving your new locks!!! That quote about energy being contagious that is the story of my life! Also yes.....I want to live there right with you!!!


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