Motivational Monday!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Can't argue with that!

Sounds about right


M-Barbecue at my parents, Happy Memorial Day!  

T-Italian chicken veggie kebabs with garlic mashed potatoes

W- Chicken Scampi

T- Steak fajitas

F- Chicken in peanut sauce with vegetable fried rice
(I just add fresh veggies to Rice a roni- fried rice) One day I'll try making my own.

S- Mozzarella sandwiches with Marinara for dipping

S- Penne in vodka meat sauce  

I finally found the perfect gold polka dots.
Scroll down if you're in the market for some beautiful and creative wall decals for your home.
I found the perfect place!

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  1. Great motivation for the day! Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy your BBQ! :)

    <3 Shannon


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