Ikea mini shopping spree & DIY Open shelving!

Friday, May 23, 2014

I love Ikea and if I was given the chance for a shopping spree it would be a toss up between Ikea, Land of Nod, Home Goods and Crate and barrel! I love all of their stuff esp Land of Nod! I swoon over that catalog! :) 

Marc and I took a little ikea trip on mother's day while my parents kept an eye on the kids.  It was nice because it was not crowded at all, so we were able to really look around.  We ended the trip with cheese fries(since our closest ikea is located in the city and cheese steak places make the most amazingly delicious cheese fries!). 

Here's what I got!

We got this nice big salad bowl.

Can't forget the kids!
Rainbow dinnerware and it was super cheap!

A wooden lazy susan/ turn table.  I plan to use for cakes.

This big mirror I have been coveting for like ever.
I put it in our bedroom.

This cube bookshelf.  I made a half attempt to style them but am nowhere near finished!
The children's books are there to distract Emily from tossing everything else off the shelves that she can reach lol. 

DIY Open shelving!
I've always wanted some open shelving to display glasses, etc in our kitchen so I went for it on Wednesday! I just removed the doors and filled in my prettiest kitchen stuff.

The bottom clear glasses were purchased on our ikea trip.

The wine glasses above are from the dollar store(the big ones to the right)...believe it or not!

I have plans to paint gold polka dots on the tea cups and big serving pieces, but want to look into it first to make sure I get the right materials so it will last!

Accent wall before you enter the kitchen.  Palm Prints from Overstock

I also got my 3 big white frames for my DIY Prints but have not hung them up yet!

Happy Friday!


  1. That is quite the haul!! I love everything- it's amazing for the price that they sell it for the quality that you get is great - especially those shelving units!! I love how the styling is coming along!!

  2. love that mirror. the cube looks great!! i want your XO decor!

  3. IKEA always has the cutest stuff! Love open shelves too! So fun! Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela

  4. i love ikea! used to go all the time at home, but the closest one here is like 3 hours away and hubby is always like 'next weekend, next weekend' one day, i will go, and spend alllll the money. i want that salad bowl! and the mirror.

  5. Seriously IKEA is the best!! Love that salad bowl and the shelves! Now I want to go to IKEA haha!

    <3 Shannon

  6. Your got some great stuff! I wish we had an Ikea near me or even in South Carolina! We have to drive 3 hours to Charlotte, NC to go to one!


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