Nursery Chandelier

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

When we found out our third and final child would be a girl we were overjoyed. My husband is one of three boys and my Dad is as well. We thought that odds were we would surely have three boys also. We of course would have been happy either way. We feel very blessed to have both boys and a girl, as well as three children that are healthy. That being said as soon as I heard the good news that we would finally have a little girl in our family I couldn't wait to begin planning a girly nursery. I decided to use this photo I found on pinterest as inspiration for her nursery
I Loved the use of the bright fuschia pink. I like the fact that the room is mostly white so that the pink offers a nice pop of color but doesn't overwhelm the room. For anyone wondering I don't find it too extravagant that I put a chandlelier in a baby nursery. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I really didn't think I would ever have a daughter so I will make things as girly and pretty as I want. That is until the day comes that she is ready to make decisions for herself and she may want things differently lol. I will post finished pics of the nursery to follow soon.

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