Birthday Cake Candle

Saturday, September 7, 2013

This is my favorite candle. It is "Birthday Cake" scented the brand is FOR EVERY BODY. I am obsessed. I love the fact that it has little sprinkles on the top and makes your house smell like you've been baking cupcakes! I only ever really buy candles that are some version of vanilla, cake, or I also like coconut. I just think they are more homey. I am not too fond of clean ,cotton scents, etc. I got this candle at Marshalls. They usually carry this brand there. I love to shop at Marshalls because you can get great deals there especially if you check in often because they are always getting new stuff. It also doesn't hurt to know someone that works there because they can keep an eye out for the good stuff. Plus their employees get 20 percent off usually about once a month! Which equals amazing savings for lucky family members.

How cute is this Candle?

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