Tomato Mozzarella & Basil Sandwich

Monday, September 16, 2013

This sandwich is to die for.  I make this almost once a week.  Its so simple and delicious.  Its an upgrade on your standard grilled cheese and tomato soup! These are made to dip in marinara sauce.
French Bread(I like to use La Brea Bakery)
Tomato slices
Fresh Mozzarella(I always get Bel Gioso)
Fresh Basil leaves
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Barilla Marinara Sauce(This particular brand is essential)
It is truly the perfect compliment to these sandwiches.

       ♥  This Sauce!
I reccomend buying your bread pre sliced.  I set up my bread slices on a chopping board.
First layer on the Mozzarella.  I buy the pre cut one so I usually smush it down a little so the slice isnt too thick. Next the tomato slices.  Lastly I lay three small leaves of basil on each sandwich.(Or a big one ripped in half) Top with another bread slice.  I use a small pat of butter on each of the top slices of bread. You could use only olive oil if you prefer.  Heat anout a TBS of Olive oil with a tiny pat of butter in a pan.  Place Sandwiches in pan.  I usually make three at a time.  Brown the sides until they are a light golden brown, and cheese is melted.  Transfer the sandwiches to a chopping board and cut each one into three pieces.  While your doing this heat about half the jar of marinara sauce in a small pot.  Serve the sandwich with a small bowl of Marinara to dip.


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