How to get Super Glam, Bold, Flirty Lashes!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Here is a collection of the best tips I know to achieve Big, Bold, Glamorous lashes!

1. Take vitamins!
To encourage healthy eyelash growth  make sure your taking a daily multivitamin, as well as a flax oil supplement.  I like Spectrum essentials ultra enriched flax oil Omega 3.  It supports healthy skin hair and nails.

2. Home made eyelash enhancer!
Make a home made eyelash serum with a combination of unrefined coconut oil mixed with vitamin E oil. Apply nightly to clean lashes with a sanitized mascara wand( from an old mascara) Wash off the following morning. Note If not kept in a warm spot the coconut oil will solidify. This works by conditioning and nourishing lashes to prevent lash loss. You could apply with your finger tip if you prefer and this works great as an eye cream as well!   

3. Remove eye makeup nightly!
Don't ever go to sleep without removing your makeup!  If you don't remove your eye makeup at the end of the day mascara will start to dry out and become brittle which can result in broken lashes.  I use coconut oil to remove mine.

4. Always curl your eyelashes!
A high quality eyelash curler is essential for big bold lashes I recommend Japonesque or MAC also makes a good one.  To use clamp the curler at the base of your eyelashes in a quick short motion then release. (You don't have to press hard) Pump the curler 5 times on each eye.  Repeat the same steps again for an extra glam curl.  Then apply your favorite mascara I do 2-3 coats on each eye.  Do not let the coats dry in between go back and forth to each eye in between coats.  Apply from the roots to the tips of lashes using a slow side to side motion.  When applying your final coat pay extra attention to the tips of lashes to add maximum length.  When lashes are almost completely dry hold them up using the underside of your index finger for 10 seconds to lock the curl in place. This application technique results in a very dramatic faux lash look.  My favorite mascara is Maybelline's The Falsies Volume express in Black Drama.  Ive used many other formulas including department store brands. I always go back to this one because I love the formula and its reasonably priced.  Water proof mascara definitely holds a curl 100 x better than non.  
Never curl your eyelashes after applying mascara !
 I know its tempting, but resist because it will damage your lashes!(Especially if you wear waterproof mascara)

             5. Eyeliner Trick!
When applying eyeliner make a line from the inner corner and extend a little past your lash line.  Then smudge outwards with your finger for a slight cat eye effect.  This will really enhance your eyelashes by making them appear fuller.  I like to line my lower lashes also and I do not put mascara on my bottom lashes.  I prefer grey/khaki shades of eyeliner.  I find black to be very harsh and unflattering.  I am very fair skinned though which is something to consider.  My favorite eyeliners are Clinique's Smoky Brown and Cover girl's Grey Khaki.  

6. Direct attention to your eyes!
Attract attention to your eyes by swiping on a light pink gloss or nude lip color. Wearing a light lip color keeps the focus on your eye makeup.   

If you know any good lash or eye makeup tips share them!

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