Pantone Emerald!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013
Love this gorgeous shade!  I am determined to paint something this color before the end of the year! I'm thinking a piece of furniture, maybe a dresser. I love the emerald green but the hint of turquoise it what really makes it so pretty. It's kind of a peacock green.  I am always drawn to all shades of aqua and turquoise! I saw an idea on pinterest to create a tv stand out of a vintage dresser.  I think that will be the perfect project to use this paint for, just another idea for my endless to do list!  Were kind of in the process of switching two rooms.  We've outgrown the space we are currently using for a family room.  We plan to swap out the living room for more space and make the smaller room more of an office/computer/reading area.  My color scheme for the new family room is going to be light grey on the walls with pops of aqua, turquoise, blush pink and a touch of silver.  
Here are some inspiration photos

Need to find something like this...
Painted Dresser!

                                     I bet I could DIY this pillow!                                       
Obsessed with Peonies!

Love the cozy blanket and sparkly pillow!
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