How to get a sparkling clean bathroom!

Friday, November 8, 2013

 What you'll Need!
White vinegar windex
Dawn dish liquid
Baking soda
Green scrubbie sponge
Paper towels
Baby wipes
Coconut or olive oil
Hydrogen Peroxide

Step 1. Toss Out the trash
Empty bathroom cabinets and throw away all expired/ unnecessary items.
Empty bathroom trash. Line trashcan with a paper towel and sanitize with Lysol.

Step 2. Clean Tub!
Make a cleaner with 1 cup White Vinegar heated in the microwave plus One half cup dawn dish liquid.
 Put in a spray bottle.Sprinkle a layer of baking soda over your tub. Spray down the entire shower area.(Tub, Tile, Wall tile, Shower head, Faucet) Let sit for One hour.  Scrub thoroughly with a green scrubbie.  Rinse well.  Your tub will be sparkling!

 Step 3. Clean Mirrors and counters!
Wipe down mirrors, counter tops, sink, vanity and baseboards with White vinegar Windex. 

Step 4. Buff Faucets
Place a dab of olive oil or coconut oil on a paper towel and buff faucets and shower head until they shine.

Step 5 Sanitize Toilet!
Spray entire toilet inside and outside with Lysol spray. Toss a cup of baking soda into the toilet. Allow to sit ten minutes. Scrub inside with a toilet brush.  Wipe clean with a baby wipe followed by paper towels.  

Step 6. Clean Floor!
Using a tooth brush clean your grout with a combination of peroxide and baking soda.(Add peroxide to baking soda until a paste is formed.)

Mop floors with 1 cup of white vinegar, 1 TBS of Dawn dish liquid, 1 Cup of baking soda, Two Gallons of Warm water.

Step 7. Add something pretty!
  Add a small vase with a fresh cut or faux flower(Ikea sells cute single stems that only cost about a dollar), pretty soap, or your favorite candle.  Finish by spraying with a vanilla room spray!

 I recommend doing this once a week. Wipe down your bathroom daily at the end of the day to maintain until your deep cleaning day. Keep cleaning spray and paper towels in your bathroom(out of children's reach) to ensure this gets done. The toilet should be cleaned daily ,especially if you live with boys!(but you know this already if you do!)   



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  1. Wow. This sounds perfect! Totally trying this out!


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