Beauty Tip #4 The Number One Stretch Mark Preventative!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

 4. The Number One Stretch Mark Preventative is...

Stretch marks can occur for a variety of different reasons and despite what some people believe there are preventative measures you can take to either prevent them entirely or dramatically impact the severity of them.  If you are in a situation where weight gain is inevitable the Number One way to prevent stretch marks that I have found is coconut oil. Having three children I know a thing or two about this topic and I know what works and what doesn't.  When I was pregnant with my daughter every morning I would apply a generous amount of coconut oil, followed by a nightly application as well.  Do this religiously and I promise you will not be affected by stretch marks and if so you can rest assured that they will be very light and difficult to notice. You can not skip one single application though! Even if you are tired make yourself do it, it only takes a minute! It will be worth it in the end! When My beautiful daughter Emily was born I was not left with one single stretch mark! Nothing, I was so happy! A good thing about coconut oil also is that it does not stain clothes, and it smells amazing.(As opposed to Palmers cocoa butter which I consider to be useless.)  You can purchase coconut oil in the organic section of your food store, a health food store, or you can order it on Amazon. Here are a few other tips I've learned over the years.

  Aim to gain weight slowly and steadily!
Weight gain and genetics also play a role in stretch marks.    I typically gained anywhere from 45 to 55 pounds with each of my 3 pregnancies,  which needless to say is more than the recommended amount!   

Never scratch your skin! 
This is thought to actually cause them. When your skin is stretching it will feel itchy but resist the urge to scratch instead gently rub in a gentle circular motion.  I recommend rubbing in oil or moisturizer.  I also moisturized with St Ives natural collagen lotion.

Stay hydrated!
I recommend drinking coconut water. Zico brand offers the best taste and it is super hydrating!  

Vitamin C!
Make sure to include foods that are packed with Vitamin C into your diet (Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Strawberries, Clementines are all great options).  Vitamin C is essential to building collagen and stretch marks occur due to collagen rupture.   

                              I promise you will get amazing results if you implement this advice!

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