Beauty Tip # 3 Revamp Tired Eyes!

Friday, October 11, 2013

3. Revamp Tired eyes!

 If you happen to know ahead of time you won't be getting adequate sleep (You have to work late, A night out, or if you just happen to be a mom!) There are a few things you can do to prep for the next day to help ensure you'll still look Fab!

Heres what you'll need
Green Tea bags
Two metal spoons
Jasons Tea Tree Gel(Found in the organic section)
Anti Redness eye drops
A good quality highlighter( I recommend Tarte or Benefit)
An eyelash curler(Japonesque is the best)
Your fave Mascara

The night before: Brew two cups of green tea and pop them in the fridge and place two metal spoons in your freezer.  

 1. When you wake up put in some anti redness eye drops.(I prefer simalsons natural brand).

2. Apply a small amount of Jason's tea tree gel to your under eye area. 

3. Follow by taking your cold tea bags out of the fridge.  Squeeze out the excess tea over your sink and place them over your eyes for 3-5 minutes.  

4. Next take your frozen spoons and lightly drag them over your eyelid and underneath your eye from the inner corners to the outer for about a minute or until no longer cold.
Both the spoon and the tea steps should dramatically reduce any puffiness.
The arnica in the Jason's gel will help with any under eye darkness.
Eye drops will obviously brighten your eyes and help you to appear more refreshed.

5.  Last Curl your eyelashes. Apply at least two coats of Mascara and swipe your favorite highlighter under your brow bone and dab a little in the inner corners of your eyes.

And..your ready to go!  No one will ever know you only got four hours of sleep!       

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