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Friday, April 11, 2014

DIY Chalkboard Menu tutorial
and some H&M home decor!

This project has been on my to do list for quite a while but I finally completed it!
It really helps to eliminate the stress of having to decide what's for dinner by planning a weekly menu.  It saves money and makes food shopping quicker because I am WAY too indecisive to shop without a list! 
That way I can organize all my coupons and plan out my meals by what is on sale as well.

You'll need
Chalkboard paint
painter's tape
a pencil
Gold Spray paint(I used Rustoleum metallic gold)
a small roller 
 a paintbrush (the size you would use to do the edges on a wall)

I bought a cream colored frame and spray painted it gold.
You could make it easier by purchasing a gold frame.(Or keep it as is)
I always have gold spray paint handy though!

Step 1 Hang your frame then trace the inside of the frame lightly with a pencil.
Remove the frame and use the pencil lines as a guide to lay down your painter's tape.

Step 2 Paint the edges with a brush and use a small roller to paint the rest.
Allow to dry.
I used valspar chalkboard paint

Step 3 Re-hang your frame.

You're done! Congrats now start planning your menu. 
Here are some of my fave sites for inspiration.

(lots of kid friendly delicious recipes)

Check out Megan's blog for recipe's and fab dinner menus! 
She posts her menu plan weekly on Mondays

Delish recipes with reviews! 
I've found tons of recipes on this site.

Leave some of your faves in a comment!

I know right!?

I made this one and intended to use it as a daily to do list, but have been using it for quotes instead.

I made the polka dots with a 1 inch circle punch.

This is like the house motto lol.(with three small children it's the only way to be!)

I recently bought a few candles from H&M and a new pillow cover! 
I was really excited to discover that they sell reasonably priced home decor.
I got 3 candles and a cushion cover.

Bedside table

The chair is from Marshalls
The first coffee table book I ever purchased!  Which btw I could use some new ones.
Any recommendations?

I love anything with some sparkle. The pillow is already getting a bit disheveled looking from the kids but it should hold up just fine otherwise.(because they are obsessed with it lol)

That is Luke's new bean bag chair from HSN.
My parents got it for him for his bday. It is the Perfect gift for a kid that needs sensory input. Luke loves it!  It is soo comfy too!

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Love the DIY chalkboard!! I wish I could do pretty things on the chalkboard I have - but the letters just never come out right!! Love what you have on your bedside table!!

  2. Very cute idea! I have horrible handwriting though, so I'd have to find somebody else to make it pretty!

  3. Hey! I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blog Award! Check it out!

  4. Love the DIY chalkboard!! I'm with you - everything goes gold in my house. Have you seen the chalkboard pens? They're amazing, and so much easier to use than actual chalk.
    Hope you had a great weekend!! XO

  5. What a great DIY, the result is awesome and it seems so easy to make, I`m going to try it asap!
    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic


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