Motivational Monday!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Totally me

Seriously the truth

Try it


  1. Love these - I love when my husband asks if something is new - because more often than not - it's not new and he doesn't remember! Happy Monday!

  2. These are great. Perfect for a Monday morning read!

  3. Nothing in my closet is ever new ;)

    have a good week!

  4. Hilarious that last's a good thing Mark never notices all those "old" things laying around I tell yah ;-)

  5. Omgosh - I literally look forward to your Monday posts, especially the Ryan ones. Are we soul sisters?! I feel like we'd totally be BFF's in real life!! Haha

  6. whenever i need a bit of a breather I go shopping too except I leave my wallet in the car so I am not technically that isn't shopping but hey I am at a mall!


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