Wednesday LOVE

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday LOVE

This Necklace from Roe Blvd

Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addict
I totally want to be this girl!
She purchases properties and restores them practically all on her own.
You may be surprised to learn I can be pretty handy around the house and I love doing projects!  I am also pretty good at assembling furniture if I do say so myself. lol While I have nowhere near the amount of skills as Miss Nicole I'm confident that I could learn.
Addicted to this show!

Age Revolt Combat Kit
My 28th birthday is approaching and it has led me to take some serious proactive anti-aging measures.
Obsessed with these products!
Review to follow

This fabulous space Cassidy June created for her daughter via the glittter guide.
Not sure any toddler has ever resided in a more glamorous whimsical place.

MAC Haute and Naughty Mascara
Got this yesterday and I LOVE it!
My drugstore mascara was just not cutting it anymore.
I was overdue for an upgrade!


  1. So glad you're liking the new mascara!! I watch rehab addict sometimes and I am in awe of what she does with the stuff she finds for like a $1...she can come re-do my house anytime!!

  2. I love that gorgeous necklace!! I have a pale pink bib necklace that I wear with everything, it's perfection!!
    Can't wait to hear your review of the Age Revolt products...I'm such a ski care junkie!
    XO - Samantha

    1. Isn't it so pretty!? I love bib necklaces. I'm working on getting the review up soon. The kids have kept me super busy this week! I am a total skin care junkie too! lol

  3. That mascara was my jam for the longest I absolutely loved it! For me it dried up quickly but I used it everyday. I am obsessed with that show as well homegirl is so badass right?

  4. Eeep, that mascara is my absolute favourite! :)
    Btw, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! :)
    Fran @ xo

    1. It is the best mascara! and Thanks so much Fran :)

  5. that necklace is gorgeous X

    1. I just caved in and bought it, I am so excited to wear it! lol


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