Emily's fabulous 1st birthday party recap!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My little Emily turned 1 on Saturday! Her party could not have been more perfect.  We celebrated with a few close friends and family and the birthday girl reveled in all the attention.  Her party colors were pink and gold accented with florals.  The decor came out just as I imagined. (Thank goodness).  Time truly flies once you have children.  I still remember the moment(like it was yesterday) it was confirmed that we were expecting a girl.  We literally could not stop smiling. The boys were being babysat by my in laws while we attended the ultrasound.  We struggled to keep a poker face intact when picking them up because we weren't going to announce it until the reveal party! We managed to keep the secret and everyone was ecstatic when the cake was cut to reveal a pink filling.  She is the first girl on my Dad's side of the family.  The ratio of boys to girls across both sides of the family is dramatic.(Very few girls).  Which was the opposite when I was growing up.  It was mainly girls and only a few boy cousins.  I remember waking up the first morning feeling like I was in a dream. We feel so lucky to have been blessed with such wonderful children! The boys are fantastic big brothers to Emily.  

Every girl needs a 1st birthday tiara and sash! 
Purchased at Marshalls.
This made for some memorable pictures! She did not try to remove her crown once!(because she is a queen)lol I put it on and she just smiled. She actually carried the wand for a while too!

Daddy's Girl 

Pink sassy straws

home made Kate spade inspired confetti

Gold confetti garland
(Gold circles punched out of paper sewn together.(By my lovely grandmother!)

Rose cakes

Gold mason jar holder

Smash cake!

Pink ombre cake 

BTW the roses on the cake are not real(Everyone at the party thought they were!)

I'm so grateful everything went as planned! Then again I did take a whole week off beforehand to prepare. lol


  1. Oh my gosh - how precious and perfect!! Ombre cake was pure perfection and I love the homemade kate spade glitter! Awesome!!

    1. Thanks so much! I was really happy with the way the cakes turned out. It was so much easier to do than it looks. You just have to take your time with it.

  2. Aww what a perfect 1st birthday. The cake looks delicious and I agree the kate spade confetti looks fab, hope she enjoyed her birthday xx

  3. What a PERFECT first bday!!!! I really love it! Great job, mama!


  4. Ummmmmm so you want to come down and help me plan some bridal showers? What a gorgeous party!


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