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Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring fashion favorites

Determined to find a maxi skirt just like this! 
Let me know if you find a similar one anywhere

Love the color combo

Love this

These skirts(from Express) are perfection with a fitted pocket tee and a statement necklace.  
I have it in black. Definitely a closet staple.

I could never pull off this color, but I love the style.

Have this one (Urban Outfitters)

Little Lace Dress = Perfect 

LOVE this silhouette

Waiting patiently for Spring until then I will complain of this..
I have way more Spring/Summer clothes opposed to Winter

Happy Friday!


  1. I seriously WISH i could pull off a tulle skirt!! That would be a high fashion moment for me!! I don't even like looking in my closet right now because it's all winter stuff!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  2. This makes me realize how much shopping I NEED to do!!! I'm obsessed with the maxi skirt and the heart back dress. I'm also loving all the loose, silky, harem style pants lately. I've even seen them at Target.
    XO - Samantha

    1. Isn't the maxi skirt gorgeous? I mean my kids will totally spill on it(lol) but I am determined to find a similar style. Those pants are pretty, but I could never pull them off! Can't wait for Spring to get here!

  3. all of these look so cute! The first one was defiantly my favorite! Nice post!

    1. I love that skirt, I hope to find something like it.


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