Age Revolt Review!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I am reviewing the Age Revolt Combat Kit.  I have been using these products for the past few weeks and they are fabulous!

What's in it?
This kit contains a micro needle roller and an anti-aging serum.
The combat complex serum was developed to fight all signs of aging.  The objective of the micro needle roller is to prepare the skin to receive the serum, so that it may penetrate deeper and absorb the product more efficiently.  The product claims to minimize fine lines/wrinkles, exfoliate, hydrate and shrink pores, as well as promising a brighter complexion.

The combat complex night time anti aging serum
The serum is formulated with a blend of vitamins, peptides and retinol.  It is to be applied after use of the micro needle roller and followed with your usual night time moisturizer.

The micro needle roller
The micro needle roller is a device that implicates tiny anti microbial needles, that when rolled over your skin will increase the absorption of the complex serum. This process is not painful for anyone wondering.  I will say I have used a micro needle roller previously to trying out this product and Age Revolt's is by far superior.   If you have never used a micro needle roller I highly recommend it! They are also designed to stimulate your body's own collagen and elastin production, which in turn results in tighter firmer skin. This may also help with sun spots and scarring. For any ladies who have had the unfortunate experience of getting a few stretch marks, micro needle rollers are Amazing in reducing them!(Promise) There are different sizes sold for different purposes. Maybe that will be their next project. Just a suggestion Age Revolt. lol
I have noticed a great change in my skin after using these products a few times.  I don't have any wrinkles quite yet being just on the verge of 28.  Prior to using the product I would occasionally notice a bit of fine lines on my forehead.(Which is very upsetting might I add lol)  I have always taken very good care of my skin.  I wear sunscreen if I am going to be outdoors, I don't partake in smoking or tanning beds.(but I do love self tanner!)I aim to get sufficient sleep and I drink a ton of water. 

What I noticed after applying the serum for the first time is that it leaves your skin with a fantastic velvet like feeling. After a few uses I began to feel that my skin was firmer and better hydrated.  The fine lines have been virtually erased with continued use.  It also has left my complexion with more of a natural glow.  After I wash off my makeup, I still feel that my skin looks pretty now.(More radiant).  Before it had a tendency to be a bit dull without a dusting of bronzer. Overall I feel that Age Revolt delivers on their statement to be "Your best defense in the battle against aging".  

A few more positive facts about these products are that they are developed without the use of any toxic ingredients, or fillers and are also cruelty free.(Which I love)           

It is never too early to begin an anti aging regimen.  I firmly believe that if you want to ensure good skin as you grow older, you need to put in the work. Age Revolt will without a doubt aid in the battle.  The women behind the brand describe their product as an aggressive alternative to cosmetic surgery. Here is a link to their website of before and after photos if you are interested.  They are pretty dramatic.
Age Revolt Before and After Photos

If you are interested in learning more about the products check out AGE REVOLT.

Any questions feel free to message me or leave a comment. 
Please note these opinions are my own.



  1. Great review...I'm with you on the cusp of 27 and now seeing those little stupid fine lines...too young for botox haha!! I've always taken care of my skin - but only recently have been very very diligent about it!! P.S. I tried your Asian Chicken Salad last was beyond easy and delicious!! We're making it a staple for sure!!

  2. Thanks for this great review!! I'm definitely going to check out this product more. I'm always in the market for anything that can combat those fine lines (little bastards!!) ;-)
    Have a great day!
    XO - Samantha

    1. I know, how annoying are they!? At least we're all in the same boat here. lol This product is the best thing I've come across so far in treating them. I think that drinking coconut water is also helpful.(because it is very hydrating)

  3. Oh I had never heard of that product but I am always down to hear about anything that can help with the fine lines I've been noticing on my forehead.....the joys of pushing 30!


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