Wednesday LOVE!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wednesday LOVE!
Good message
I think I need this top. 
Too bad the model is super tan..but still it's an effort lol.
I am not opposed to self tanner whatsoever(In fact I love it!), but I despise the fact that people bake themselves in tanning beds...

How adorable are these Under the sea inspired macaroons? 
Filed away for a future Mermaid party, or we do have a Pirate party approaching (for Luke!)
I wonder if these are difficult to make?

OBSESSED with this dress
Would you believe me if I told you it only cost $40?
So Glamorous, now I just need somewhere to wear it so I have an excuse to get it! 

Fab Shoes

I have an appointment to Ombre my hair on Friday! So excited, stay tuned for pics!

Could work as a closet cover it is so pretty.

So Happening!
Will be messy but worth it.

Why is this sold out?! 
Has anyone ever purchased from Jewelmint before?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I need that shirt! My boyfriend likes to say that I'm currently waging a one-woman war against the sun, but it's better than going out and frying my skin! Self tanner is definitely my first choice in bronzing myself up ;)

    1. I know, your skin will thank you in the long run. Serious tanning really wreaks havoc on your skin. I just can't comprehend why anyone would choose to prematurely age their skin and then there's the whole skin cancer thing...It just isn't worth the risk, especially when there are so many fab self tanners on the market!

  2. Ha ha, I was totally thinking the same thing about how tan the model is!! Oh well, still love the shirt! Have you ever done a spray tan? I'm too nervous to try that because... what if I came out orange?
    Those macaroons!! TOO CUTE! Can you believe I've never tried one?

  3. Haha love your comments on the tanned model. 😂
    Cannot even wait to see your hair! It's going to look amazing!!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm so excited for a change!

  4. I am so pale I can't even stand it!! Andee from the Honeybee is seriously stunning!! She could wear anything!! So happy you're going with the ombre look - can't wait to see pictures!!

  5. I was just about to say maybe they should have put that shirt on another model??? Those god strap ankle sandals are gorgeous!!!

  6. LOVE Andee from the Honeybee :) She is just too sweet and crazy gorgeous That idea with the chocolate eggs and the m&m's is such a cute idea my daughter would go crazy!

    Makeover With Aspen

  7. I know! How beautiful is Andee!? She just makes the dress that much more stunning. It's looks totally made for her. : )


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