Friday Favorites Organization inspiration!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Favorites Organization Inspiration!

Here are some pretty inspirations to help you get organized! The first day of Spring is just around the corner!

I love this use of clipboards to display necklaces! I just ordered a few and will attempt to recreate this when they arrive. Besides for doubling as an art display, my necklaces will be kept safe (out of the kids reach). At the moment my jewelry is hidden because they boys cannot seem to fight the urge to remove them from the jewelry box and swing/ throw them all over the room. lol

Reclaimed wood magazine rack

   A drink dispenser to store your laundry detergent beautifully.

Pretty storage ideas for your baking supplies.

I'd love to have a bit of open shelving in my kitchen. Would be really cute to display the DIY gold polka dot mugs I plan to make this week.

White book shelf for shoe storage

Gorgeous Jewelry drawer, but as mentioned above not practical for my home lol.

DIY gold foil polka dot play room storage.
So Pretty links to the most beautiful girly play room.

Spray painted hangers

Candle holders for nail polish storage

Kourtney Kardashian's fabulous book wall

Crystal knob Necklace/scarf holder

Inspiration board...I need one.
Maybe I could eliminate my cluttered magazine clipping stuffed secret cabinet.

Wine box to store cook books

Have a wonderful weekend!  Hopefully we will be getting some warmer weather this week, because I am far more productive when the weather is nice! 


  1. I'm all about some organization.
    I love Khloe's book wall. I think I'm going to do that when I move in about a week!
    Or shall I say, ATTEMPT TO do that, haha.

    Thanks for inspiration, though!
    Have a great weekend!

    - morg harp nich - friday social link up for instagram - come join if you want!

    1. Thanks, I love the book wall! It would be great for kids because they tend to clear out the whole shelf when they need one book lol.

  2. I need that for my laundry detergent so pretty!!! I also need to get that chalkboard for meal planning through the week!

  3. I love them all! For an organization freak like me they are heaven! haha nice post!

    1. Thanks : ) I am always on the lookout for pretty storage ideas. Especially for all the things the kids accumulate!

  4. My love affair with K-Dash's house is ridiculous. I'd move in without question!! Also, loving the clipboards. Those would look so chic spray painted gold, or even better if they were lucite boards with gold hardware. Hmmm the wheels are spinning!! Ha!

    1. Omg I know I LOVE that house! Those clipboard ideas are great. Your like me I see something then it brings along soo many other ideas and then I can't decide or I end up redoing things. What about gold dipped clipboards?! Lucite would look awesome!


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