Motivational Monday!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

This is totally me! lol

I think this is true.

They do...


Don't forget to light it up blue for Autism awareness on April 2nd! 

We light it up blue for this guy.
(My oldest son and soon to be birthday boy, Luke!)

Happy Monday! 


  1. I seriously love all your quotes on Monday, especially the one for Luke today!! Things really do have a way of working out - hope you have a wonderful Monday Stacy!

  2. Spraying anything and everything gold is only right... after all, it makes even the most mundane things special! Love the "light it up blue" reminder!

  3. Hahaha totally with you on #1...and after I bust out a can of gold spray paint I start hunting through my house for anything else that needs to be gold.
    Love your passion for autism awareness. <3 Strong mommy!!


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