Wednesday Love!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wednesday LOVE

Bright and Bold
Love this DIY! How beautiful is that paper?
I would love to buy it and place it over top a big canvas to add some color to our family room.

One day I hope to get around to doing this project on our bedroom dresser. Maybe if it comes out as pretty as that pic It will help me feel slightly less annoyed when Marc constantly leaves the dresser drawers slightly open lol! Just a thought.

The wall paper can be purchased at spoon flower
Swatch samples are only $5 (24" by 12")
Definitely much prettier in the pic above than it is featured on the wall paper site though.

This is way over due , my closet is currently a disaster.

Love this article.
  My oldest son Luke has autism.  He scripts a lot of phrases from favorite shows (and people that he is around often).  When he used to get upset or frustrated he would always script the line from Finding Nemo "And now were stuck here!" lol  If you haven't seen Finding Nemo 1000 times(like me!) it's a quote from Marlin when he is feeling upset that they are stuck inside the whale's mouth.  


Obsessed with this DIY quartz mirror!
I was totally that kid that got a rock tumbler for Christmas, crystal growing kits, etc.
I went through a phase where I'd spend recess looking for rocks that looked pretty(Don't worry I promise I had friends) : ) haha

This hair! 
Dying to ombre my hair!

Delish home made alfredo sauce recipe to make immediately, before Spring gets here because it's getting closer to swimwear season lol. 
Made it last night. It is so good.  

Best Eyeliner I have EVER used!
Stays put, waterproof, gorgeous color.
I got it in Me Khaki. So perfect for Hazel eyes! 

Id just like to leave you with this little fun fact. My (almost) 4 year old Cole has quite a love for his Leapfrog Leapster Explorer.  For those of you without children it is a learning tablet with games, etc.   Somehow he manages to get himself connected onto the Leapfrog website(There is an icon on our computer desktop) and fill up an online cart with $700.00 worth of leapfrog merchandise.  Thank goodness It wasn't linked to any payment method! That kid kills me.  There are also a few Leapster games pinned randomly on my pinterest...

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. Yes!! Finally a testament to a great eyeliner - I'm going to buy it this weekend!!! I can't a great smudge proof one!! I love the paper siding on the dresser!! I wish I could DIY everything I see on pinterest!! Happy Wednesday!

  2. That paper on the dresser drawers is such a fun, unexpected surprise! Want to try that eyeliner!

  3. I love that hair picture, I ombred last summer and think I will be again soon as I love the look xxx

  4. Aren't children the sneakiest little magicians ever? I have to try that eyeliner looks amazing!

  5. That dresser is amazeballs - and you should totally order 3 of the samples of the wallpaper and frame a trio of them. $15 DIY art, holler!! ;-)
    I love that your son would quote Nemo, I think that's the sweetest thing I've ever heard. I have a friend that just lost her 4 yr old son who had autism, and it broke my heart. Sorry, totes unrelated.
    Is that a pic of my hair?! LOL kidding!! But seriously, I thought it was at first. HA! DO IT!! I've loved my ombre so so so much. No regrets!
    Your son filling up the shopping cart online kills me. My daughter does that to her ipad constantly. My husband always texts me from work saying he just got an e-mail that she purchased something...oops!
    XO - Samantha

  6. I am totally going to take your advice and order 3 samples and make that DIY art. Love that idea, thanks!
    I am saddened to hear that about your friend. That is heartbreaking.
    That pic could easily be mistaken for your hair lol! I can't wait to do mine!
    3-4 year olds are super sneaky! lol Especially my little guy!


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