Improved - Pretty printable cleaning schedule! & How to become a Krazy coupon lady(if your interested in that haha)

Friday, January 24, 2014

I've redone my cleaning schedule to include time for menu planning and coupon organization. 
This schedule works well for me.  I food shop on Thursdays after work and I find it easiest to plan my meals in advance on Sunday evenings while I file my coupons.(Otherwise I'll let it go until Wednesday night....which does not typically make for a successful shopping trip!)  I base our menu around what is on sale in my grocery ad and set aside my coupons in an envelope.   I typically buy our meats in bulk at Sam's Club(as well as a few other items) and freeze it in individual bags. All of these steps really help us save money. I use the The Krazy Coupon lady's method for storing my coupons. Check out her site to learn how to start your own coupon storage system.  Here is the link to the free printables to start your own coupon binder. (It's a little tough to locate on the website.) 
I'm currently working on a binder with a list of main & side dishes with recipes to aid in making meal selections for the week a bit quicker. If I am able to perfect it I will go ahead and post it one day in the future. I accomplish an immense amount more with lists, otherwise I'm just at a loss of where to begin. Does anyone else feel this way? lol I am also working on a new DIY Menu board and a framed chalkboard I can hang somewhere to jot down a daily to do list. 
Happy Friday !

Click the image above for the full-sized version. Simply right click on the full sized image save and print.  I suggest laminating it and hanging it on your refrigerator.(Stick magnets on the back)

Check out my post on how to get a *Sparkling* clean bathroom!

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