I'm dreaming of a white...Kitchen!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

When I finally have my dream kitchen(Which won't be for quite a while!).  I know that I want it to be mainly white, with girly, glam details.  I love the combination above with the white and the intensely dark floors.  The contrast in colors make the space look so clean and pretty.  
Crisp, clean Ikea kitchen makeover at Little House Blog.
Check out her site. I promise you will be inspired!
I love the cookbook storage.

White subway tile makes for a perfect back splash.

Does anyone know of a place that sells faux peonies that are good quality?
I have a tendency to kill fail to keep plants well cared for...lol

I have a jar like this from amazon that I typically fill with cookies, but this is a cute alternative.

I'm assuming they used magnets to hang them?
You could jot down your grocery list, etc.

A much needed Fab To Do list!

Menu board inspiration

Note to self: Start an adorable vintage dish collection

I don't think I would even use these out of fear of breaking one!
They would be nice displayed on a shelf though.

Tea tins re-purposed as mini vases

        I could definitely use a spot like this in my home.

Small but functional kitchen, plus a sparkle back splash. (Yes Please!)

Check out my pinterest board for more inspiration!
Dream white Kitchen 

Don't forget to check out my Kitchen deep cleaning tutorial.

Has anyone ever attempted painting their own kitchen cabinets?
How did it go, any tips would be greatly appreciated. 


  1. I'm dreaming of a kitchen very similar to this some day too! 0_0 We actually painted our cabinets in our old apartment, they very really easy to paint though hard to get the doors off the hinges cause the person who lived there before us just painted the hinges too, lol!


    1. lol! Yes I'm sure that would complicate things a little. Maybe I will attempt to paint mine in Spring.

  2. I love your inspiration pictures! When I finally have my own place one day I want a kitchen like that. The white makes it look so clean and fresh.


    1. Thanks! That's what I love about it too.

  3. That is pretty much a heavenly kitchen - how does your husband feel about all the girlie accents lol! I love the subway tile accents :)

    1. Haha! Maybe I will just surprise him, I'm good for that. It might require some convincing, but for the most part though he isn't all that opinionated on the interior of the house. He gets to be in charge of (most of) the decisions when it comes to the outdoors. Its a compromise lol.

  4. That jar with scallops... I have something like this, love it. But it's full of scallops and sand from an island <3
    You have a awesome blog, keep it up!

    Andera | www.universulanderei.ro


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