Sparkling Caramel Apple Cocktail!

Monday, December 23, 2013

This is the perfect holiday cocktail. I am not generally fond of liqueur( I prefer a glass of wine) but this is delish!  This drink is very simple to make and only requires two ingredients. It would be cute as a signature drink at a birthday party or great for Christmas/New Years Eve. All you need to make this is Martinelli's sparkling apple cider and Smirnoff Kissed Caramel Vodka. I chilled the bottles beforehand.  I used 2 parts of sparkling cider to one part vodka. It's as simple as that!         

 FYI- I had all intentions of making a cute apple garnish to go along with this, but Marc a certain husband consumes an excessive amount of apples.  Although I thought I bought extra...  Clearly I should have hidden one, so we will have to settle for this straw.  lol Maybe next time. A caramel candy would work great too.


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