Simple holiday gift wrap ideas!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

 This is a quick post with some last minute holiday gift wrap ideas. I finally got a chance last night to wrap the majority of the kid's presents! I refuse to be up on Christmas eve wrapping anything this year lol.(Which I unfortunately happen to be known for!)  I like to label a few from us and the rest from Santa. For the presents from Santa I use Christmas wrapping paper, bows, etc.  For the presents from us, I wrap them in butcher paper and embellish them with different ribbons and other items.  I love to save Christmas cards from the previous year to re purpose as cute gift tags.  This is something my mom always does.  She also used to sign Santa's gift tags in printing and presents from she and my dad in cursive, so I do that also!  I used this tutorial. How to create fake calligraphy 


I  like the way it came out.  It isn't perfect...but let's consider the fact that I do happen to be deliriously tired most nights after I get the kids to bed!


For Emily's gift I wrapped it with a combination of ribbon and lace.  I punched the polka dots(using a one inch circle punch) out of label sheets that I painted with mod podge and gold glitter.  I finished it off with pink peacock feather.  

Anything that will add a little sparkle or interest would make a great gift embellishment such as a small ornament, a glittery initial, candy canes, faux florals, homemade gift tags, garland, confetti, polka dots punched out of colored crepe paper, stick on fake gems or pearls, even a small toy.  You could also use a gold pen to draw polka dots directly onto the paper!

Feel free to share any of your ideas below! Have a wonderful Holiday! 



  1. Those are looking perfect! I gift-wrapped my boyfriends' present similarly to these, but unfortunately my handwriting is not as pretty as yours! Happy Christmas zueri¦¦bliss


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