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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hey dolls! 
 I been nominated for the lovely blog award by my friend Lindsay at Pink and Fabulous! I figured I would share a little bit of what I have been up to lately as well.  

I found these beauties all on sale!(Cyber Monday) 

The earrings are a Christmas gift.  I kind of knew I would want to keep them for myself, so I ordered an extra pair from Accessory Jane in clear! The blush pink is gorgeous though.  Btw Accessory Jane is definitely my new go to for jewels! Beautiful quality and so affordable! 

I snagged the bracelet on super sale from J Crew Factory.  (Only 14.50 and free shipping!)  It is a birthday gift for my beautiful mom! We are celebrating her birthday on Saturday.  Today I will be scouring pinterest for some inspiration for her cake! 

The mug is from Kate Spade of course.  

Emily and I glammed up the extra fridge in the playroom.  Did you guys know that gold duct tape existed? I was impressed.  I might use some to wrap some Christmas gifts this year.  Which so far I have done none of... Most of my shopping is done. Thank you Amazon! That's it though.

I ordered these adorbs prints off of JennyBevlin.com  during the 2 for 1 print sale! 

I think I might attempt a gallery wall soon with the Shake it Off print.  I've been slowly gathering art.  I caved and bought Taylor's new album recently also.  I just love it! 

The flamingo print is for Miss Emily's room.  

The are pretty much the easiest Christmas cookies ever.  You can use any type of cake mix to make them.  My favorite flavor to bake is red velvet, they are fabulous! Here is the recipe

Our menu board that has sadly not displayed a menu in months.  I have not been good about planning lately.  Ive got to get on that!

Now on to my seven facts About me! 

1.  I have a huge appreciation for all things beautiful, especially handmade items and art.  

2. Home decor purchases make me the happiest ever.

3. I LOVE sparkly jewelry/ sequins and am a true girly girl at heart.

4. I am working on learning to sew. My sweet grandmom just bought me a sewing machine as a Christmas gift. I have a huge list of projects already too.    

5.  I paint my house all the time! I am always working on little home decor projects as well.  If you don't come by much you can guarantee there will be something new going on in at least one of the rooms in our home! 

6. I am a momma of 3(2 boys and a girl) and I have a 7 year old boy that is autistic.  He has taught me a lot and influenced so much in my life.  

7. I live to plan parties and love to craft and make decorations.  I am actually working towards opening my own Etsy with a friend!(Which I am super excited about!) It will feature handmade party and wedding decor.  

I tag any of my blog friends that are reading! 

Have a fabulous Wednesday!


  1. Ohh love your Cyber Monday finds! Your mom is going to love that bracelet! And jealous, I wish I knew how to sew! Being as short as I am it'd definitely come in handy!

    <3, Pamela

  2. The fridge looks great, what a brilliant idea- I've never heard of gold duct tape either!! I love those gold prints as well, I'm trying to make a gallery wall too, so i'll definitely check out the website!!
    Emily xxx
    Emily May- Interior Design

  3. I loved reading more about you! Gold duct tape is amazing and I love that you're covering your fridge with it!!

  4. Love learning more about you!! Those cyber Monday finds are amazing and how cute is your fringe?! I need some gold duct tape now!

    <3 Shannon

  5. gorgeous bracelet and earrings!!! ahh please come decorate my house!

  6. The mug, bracetlet, and earrings are GORGEOUS! Loved learning more about you :) I also love buying home decorations and anything sparkly!

  7. Ok that extra fridge is just too cute - so girly and fun! I cant wait for your etsy shop to open!! It's going to be such a great success!!

  8. I love your sale items from cyber Monday! Those earrings and that mug are too pretty!! And I saw your fridge on instagram - my husband would die if I did that but I love yours!!


  9. I did not know gold tape like that existed but now I need it in my life. I love your menu board with your sparkly lights! So many ideas for the one day I live in an actual house!

  10. OMG! I want those earrings and bracelet. They're too cute!!

    Found you in one of the fashion blogs I frequent and thought I'd give you a visit. Would you like to connect via GFC or other social networks? Let me know if that is something that is of interest to you :)


  11. Oh my gosh, your fridge! How CUTE!! That is seriously the funnest idea to decorate with duct tape!
    #3- you and me both, girl!! Gimme all things sparkly, pink and girly!


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