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Friday, December 12, 2014

Hey guys!

 I took part in my friend Lindsay's blog tour on Pink and Fabulous a few weeks ago and I finally got around to posting my own! You have to check out her blog for outfit inspiration. Her style is perfection and I would honestly be excited to shop out of her closet!  She always looks chic and put together and she is a mom of two which makes it that much more impressive!

What am I working on? 

Well...currently I am working on better time management and organization. If you have any tips feel free to send them my way! 

I would really love to start posting a bit more regularly again, but its been tough to balance it all with the holidays, kids, etc.  That's been one of my goals.  I will never be an everyday poster, but I'm aiming for at least 3 posts a week.

  I am also working on opening up an Etsy shop with a friend, so a lot of what little spare time I do have has been focused on that project! Our shop will feature handmade party and wedding decor.  I am extremely excited about it!

That being said I am working on planning a fabulous 2nd birthday party for Emily.  Girl parties are way too fun to plan! The boys birthdays will follow shortly after.  I love doing everything I can to make my kid's birthdays as fun as special as possible! The decor is one of my favorite aspects of the process.

I am also working on becoming better at taking photos.  I just got a new camera to help me out in that area and I am still in the process of figuring it out.

 How does my work differ from others in its genre? Why do I write/ create what I do

I don't imagine it really does differ all that much.  I  just love to share inspirations, little tidbits about our family, recipes, etc.  I try to work my style and personal aesthetic into the majority of my posts.  I have a passion for design and such an appreciation for decor and art.  I just love sharing advice, tips, and anything fabulous I come across.  Which is exactly why I love reading other girl's blogs.  To get inspiration and learn new things.   The support I get from the other ladies I've met through blogging means so much to me.  I consider many of the girls that I've met true friends and really appreciate their input and advice.  I truly feel that the blogging community is such a positive one and that the majority of the girls really want to see each other succeed.

 How does my writing/creating process work

I get inspiration from tons of different sources.  Pinterest being a big contender.  I tend to randomly jot down ideas in a notebook.  It is not a pretty sight.  I try to be neat about it, but I'm always all over the place.  It is just the way my creative process works I guess.  I typically do not spend more than one day on a post.  I have so many ideas for projects and other topics.  I just need to get better at scheduling in time for posting.(As mentioned above!)

Ok now on to the tour!  

These are two of my favorite ladies! They are both effortlessly gorgeous and super sweet.  I love checking out their blogs for style and beauty inspiration.  No matter how busy I am I always manage to check out these two blogs daily!

Hey there, I'm Biana!
I blog over at B~Loved Boston where you can find me sharing my thoughts on pretty much everything from fashion and beauty favorites to recipes!! I'm a Florida girl that has made her way to Boston and enjoying life as a New Englander and newlywed. I hope you'll stop by and say Hi!!

I am a born and raised Florida girl who is married to my high school sweet heart! I work as a medical sonographer and I am a mom to a crazy Australian Shepard mix and the most handsome kitty! Most importantly, I am just your average girl on an average budget with an obsession for fashion. I believe style is what you make of it not how much you spend!

Hope you guys enjoyed the tour! Happy Weekend!



  1. I have to say your inspiration posts are some of my favorite because you have the best style and eye for things!! I can't wait for your shop to open girl!! xo

  2. Ohh can't wait to check out your Etsy shop when it's done! So fun!!

    <3, Pamela

  3. my notes aren't pretty either, i randomly jot them down whenever i think of them. thats cool that you get inspiration from pinterest though :)

  4. I love that you're opening an Etsy shop with your friend! As someone who runs a joint blog, it's so much fun to share a project with a friend that you can work on together :)

  5. Okay why am I only finding out now that you have an Etsy shop!? I need to go check that out ASAP and I always love your motivation posts! Thanks so much for the nomination! :)

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

    1. Ok read that wrong, i'll be checking it out ASAP as soon as it opened! ;)

  6. Yay for your etsy shop!! I can't wait to see what's inside!


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