I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

via Etsy

Hey Guys! I am so excited for Christmas this year.  The kids are all at such a fun age.  I've been having a blast shopping for my little princess now that she is a bit older!  I've been stocking up on star wars toys and boy stuff.  I snagged some great cyber monday deals also! 

When it comes to decorating I have never been a fan of the traditional red and green.  I prefer metallics like golds and silver, but this year I figured I'd try something different.  Metallics plus an unexpected pop of pink! Those of you that know me know that I am a true girly girl at heart.  Here are some of my favorite inspirations!

I love the present featured above.  I plan to take more time and put more effort into creating pretty packages this year for everyone on my list.

Love this color scheme! 

via The Perfect Palette                                             via Everything Fabulous

Diy poppers you could fill with candy, small toys, or confetti!

This space is Dreamy! 

Love the gem cards!
                                                             Pretty sure, I need these

I snagged these beauties for someone on my list! 

Pink drinks are a must! 

Hope you guys enjoyed these inspirations! What are your go to decor colors for the Holidays? 


  1. Ok, loving all your pink inspiration and loving the new design!! Pink and gold are two of my favorite colors together and when is pink champagne not a good idea?! :)

    <3, Pamela

  2. Aww i love this post. I had a pink themed Xmas tree two years ago and loved it. So tempted to get a small one for my room :)

  3. Oh my gosh the polka dot gold wrapping with pink bow is my favorite!! I would love to be a good wrapper but I stink at it lol!

  4. Love this! Love the earrings! Everything looks adorable!

  5. I've always loved the idea of a pink Christmas but can't convince my husband. Love your ideas!


  6. those earrings though... so pretty. i love the idea of pink decorations, i'd never seen any before!

  7. Love the earrings!! Such a good idea of getting away from the normal red and green. Love it!!

    <3 Shannon

  8. Girl.... you know I am ALL OVER this color scheme!! I love me some pink. I think I'm coming to your house for Christmas ;)

  9. yes!! now i want a pink christmas!! love this like crazy.

  10. It's going to be a very PINK Christmas for you! I adore the earrings!

  11. Hi from the linkup! I love both pictures of the gifts wrapped with gold and pink. It's so PRETTY!

  12. Beautiful! I love the wrapping of the gift and those baubles are lovely. I've always leaned towards metallics for the holidays. When I was young my mom would buy so many rolls of wrapping paper for me to choose from (I was the resident wrapper!) and I would use the gold and silver wrapping first until it was all gone. Pink is such a pretty addition!!


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