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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I was tagged by Samantha from Playdates and Pearls to share 20 facts!  
Her blog is one of my favorites so make sure you check it out.  She shares home decor related, beauty, fabulous DIYs and other great stuff on her site linked above.

I figured this would be a good way for any new followers to get to know me a bit better also! Here we go.

1) I met my husband Marc in high school.  We aren't necessarily highschool sweethearts though. We didn't start seriously dating until after we graduated.

2)  We have 3 children.  Luke, Cole and Emily all of which are 3 years apart.  

3) My oldest son has autism.

4)  If my parents hadn't got a dog before they had me I would have been named Ashley! I actually have a cousin who when meets a woman named Ashley automatically associates it as being a dog's name.(lol)

5)  I've always been shy and definitely feel that I experience more anxiety than the average person.

6) I can't live without eyeliner/mascara!

7) I am obsessed with interior design.  I could browse home tours and decorating mags for hours!  It is one of my favorite things to do.

8) I always thought I would have 3 boys just like my grandmother and mother in law but then we had Emily! I sometimes fear for the days of when she is older because I was a bit of a difficult teenager...

9)  I always wanted an older brother growing up. (I have one younger sister and we are BFFs!)

10)  I wore braces in 11th grade and when I first got them on I panicked and demanded that they be removed.  My parents were actually going to allow it ,but with a day or two I pulled it together and toughed it out. I got them removed the week before senior year/pictures.

11) In 7th grade I tried out for field hockey and stayed for about 10 minutes of the first practice and then pretended I was sick so I could go home.  I think I really just wanted to wear the uniform.  lol I don't have an athletic bone in my body and I used to cry on the bus on gym days in kindergarten.  If I recall bribes were often required.

12) I paint my house all the time.  In fact I have about 4 different projects currently lined up.

13) I am seriously bad at keeping up with laundry.  

14) My dream job is to own some type of boutique, or open a boutique style bakery.  

15) I work part time in a bakery and I have to hand it to full time moms because I find it extremely difficult to balance my life.

16) I live to plan parties!

17) My favorite wine is Riesling.

18) I own an absurd amount of LBDs.

19) I never took a honeymoon and I feel like I missed out on memories because of it.  

20) I am addicted to getting packages, finding deals/ shopping! Strangely enough it is something I inherited from my Dad! He shops more than any man I know. 

I tag all of my blog friends reading!! 


  1. Hahaha the way that lady associates the name Ashley with a dog's name is how I feel about Maggie. I'm all about party planning too!

  2. I can totally see your love for design in your posts and your pinterest boards!! I love that your dad is more of a shopper than your mom - so cute!!

  3. Love this!! We have so much in common! My favorite wine is riesling and my dream job is owning a boutique too! Oh and I met my husband in high school! :)

    <3 Shannon

  4. How fun!! My favorite wine is Riesling too! And I definitely can't live without eyeliner/mascara! No way! And I totally feel you on the anxiety thing!

    <3, Pamela

  5. oh girl i fear for my future girls too, i was hell as a teenager!

  6. Just found your blog via your comment on mine - I love it and loved getting to know you better :) excited to follow along!

  7. Wait is that a throwback HS picture of the two of you??!?!? I love it!!!!! I have soooo many dresses girl I think I have a problem..... ;-)

  8. What a fun idea! I actually found your blog threw another post of this sort. Lovin it.

  9. After reading this, I feel like we could be BFFs =) we have a lot in common...except I have no kids-yet!


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