Romantic bedroom Inspiration Board

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Romantic Bedroom Inspiration Board
Colors- Blush, Gray, Metallics, with a pop of fuchsia

1.Gray floral bedding -Lush Decor
This bedding is gorgeous in person, as well as a pretty great dupe of Anthropologie's Georgina bedding.

2. Crystal knob- Anthropologie
I purchased a few of these a while back with the intentions of hanging necklaces on them.  I have pale pink ones in Emily's room that hold hairbands.

3. Silver Pouf- Land of Nod
I'd like to get this to place next to my Ikea mirror, to add a bit of sparkle. 
The poufs on the Land of Nod are cheaper than any I've found thus far.  Check out their site for home decor items even if you don't have little ones.(It is a kid's catalog!)  I'll be watching for Land of Nod's holiday sales!

Perfect blush pink paint.  I have done one coat so far, but have to touch up a few spots.  
I love the quality and colors that Valspar paint has to offer.  I have never been disappointed by any Valspar purchase.  I actually won a few cans in a contest recently and was completely thrilled!  I didn't even believe it at first.  This is one of the colors I chose and I also got a beautiful blue paint for Cole's room.  

5. Lingerie chest- Horchow
Obsessed with this mirrored lingerie chest, but I'm thinking I can possibly thrift an old chest and either silver leaf it or paint it with metallic paint? 

Love this and think it would be an easy DIY! 

7.  Art 
I think I could DIY a similar piece of art.  I plan to place it above my white bookshelves I use as shoe storage. 

8. I'd like a pop of hot pink somewhere.  Whether is be a floral arrangement, a book, a velvet chair not sure yet.

9. Gold polka dot sheets- Land of Nod
I found these in a children's catalog, but they do come in a queen size.  I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for discount coupons/sales.

10. Cocoa & Hearts painting- Made By Girl
I just love the colors in this clip of a Cocoa & Hearts painting by Made By Girl.
Her work is simple yet so pretty and chic.  I have her Love Candy Print in our office. 

Ideally Id like to add a small chandelier but Marc has banned me from buying  For the record I only have two.

Here are a few more pinterest inspiration pics.

Love the draping behind the bed.  

via H&M

These candles add a pretty touch and you can't beat the price. ($4.95)

Here is a pic of some of the progress I've made so far.  Well really just the bedding...


  1. I love your inspiration for the romantic bedroom...I think I need to make our bedroom more romantic - sadly Gary wont go for any blush or glitter I dont think!! Still love your new bedspread!

  2. I would love to have those polka dot sheets, too cute:)

  3. oh so pretty! i love the inspiration as well. I actually just put together my 'dream master bedroom' in a set thing today, and its not very romantic haha. my husband would never let me - especially the chandeliers lol but they are so pretty!

  4. Omg gorgeous!! Love this post because I am perfecting my bedroom now! Love that gold trim on the door! But my doors are wood :(

    <3 Shannon

  5. a pouf! yes i want a pouf!!! love this inspiration board you put together

  6. Amazing post with lots of inspiration, I love the lingerie drawers xxx

  7. I love your bedroom inspiration. That gold painted trim on the door is brilliant and so elegant! I want those gold polka dot sheets too!! So cute. Good luck on the rest of the transformation.

  8. Love inspo!! And the blush walls are a MUST!! That will look so beautiful with your gray bedding. I can't wait to see your room when you finish. Makes me want to re-do my own room!! Haha XO

  9. my room is all black furniture + white bedding + metallic accents. love it!


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