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Friday, August 29, 2014

  I have two for you this week since I haven't been posting very often lately.  

If any one else has had their eye on the gorgeous anthropologie georgina comforter, but aren't taking the plunge because of the sky high price tag I found a very similar option for you to consider.

Lush Decor Serena 3 piece bedding

This comforter is by Lush Decor and is sold on overstock.  It cost less than half the price of the Georgina duvet and comes complete with the two decorative pillowcases.  

I am impressed with the quality and it shipped out very quickly.  I ordered on a Friday and it arrived on Tuesday! 

I really had my heart set on the cream version of the comforter, but I chose the gray partly because I do share a room with my husband and I knew it would hold up better with the kids, etc.    

Georgina Anthropologie Duvet

Here is the Georgina Duvet from Anthropologie which cost a whopping $368. Yes for a duvet.  The pillowcases are not included and would bring you over $400 dollars to purchase.  While this version seems to be a bit more detailed and is so beautiful I am very happy with my Lush decor purchase.  Not to mention at that price I would be in tears if my kids accidently ripped/ spilled something on it!  Which I could almost guarantee would eventually happen. lol  

I told Marc I ordered a gray comforter and when he returned home from work he called down the steps "I thought you ordered a gray comforter..?"   To which is nonchalantly responded with "Is it not gray?" "Yes" he said "but you didn't tell  me it was covered in flowers...".  Must have forgot that small detail!  In which case I explained to him that we actually compromised, because I really wanted the cream version which was ultra girly and I also saved him some money!   Truth be told he isn't too opinionated with what I do in our home.  I think because he knows how truly happy it makes me to plan and design! 

Gold polka dot accent wall    

He also allowed me to do this in the office. ...Ok fine I surprised him with the polka dot wall also, but he told me it looked "Nice" and didn't seem to mind it.

In love with these turquoise foo dogs.  

They are considered to be a sign of protection according to Feng Shui.  

Here is the other fab find $17 dollar white bookshelves on sale at Target turned shoe storage.

Stay tuned this week for some beauty reviews and an interior design related inspiration Board.  Now that the school year is back in full swing I plan to begin posting more consistently again! 

Happy Weekend!! 

Scroll down for my Friday favorites if you haven't yet already! 

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  1. I can't believe how expensive the comforter is - I mean that's just outrageous!! Love the one you have!! You should do a post on shelf styling, not that I have more shelves to decorate lol!!


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