Friday Favorites!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites! 

I adore this DIY gallery wall featuring washi tape opposed to frames.  Let's face it frames can get expensive.  This is a lovely and cost efficient idea for a girl on a budget.  My future gallery wall will be making an appearance sooner than I had planned! She recommends color groupings that will compliment each other on her site. I am loving the gold combo idea! 

Check out her website for other creative and beautiful DIYs.  She has a collection of adorable and whimsy prints as well as gorgeous floral paintings.  She even has a DIY peony painting that is definitely worth checking out if you enjoy painting.

This sweater is perfect. 

Here is my attempt at a kid's corner in our living room.  The teepee used to be in the playroom, but is getting a lot more use in it's new location! 

In love with my tassel garland from Silverlake sisters.

It is well made and shipped out super fast! 

I love hearts and DIYs.

Going to assume most people have seen this already ,but if not watch it!  It is hilarious.

Happy Weekend!! 

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  1. I love the corner in your living room - adorable! And smile, there's wine -- awesome!!

  2. i loveee a good diy. and that is the perfect sweater. stripes? im IN! happy weekend :)

  3. I love that kids much that I kind of want one...and I have no kids ha. I would just lay part way in there & read.

  4. Love that first sweater! SO cute!! And kind of obsessed with that cute little dog on the couch... I know the picture is supposed to be about the wall art but he's so darn cute! And LOVE your pretty garland!!

    <3, Pamela

  5. Love your favorites this week and that kids corner is so cute - I'd totally play there!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  6. I've been loving gallery walls too! How cute is that teepee?! Love that sweater! Happy Friday!

    <3 Shannon

  7. I may use that gallery wall idea! I want to decorate my apartment but I am in a rut! Great idea!

    Beardy Heart Beauty

  8. Such a cute teepee! I've been wanting some of those tassel garlands. I love the colors in yours!

  9. Cute kid's corner and I love the wall idea:)

  10. That's tape on the wall?! I would have never known unless you said it was --such a budget friendly yet fabulous idea! & that teepee is TOO cute! I wish I had one as a child :(

    Because I'm Obsessed


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