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Friday, June 12, 2015

This should come in handy I ever start hanging up the art I have for my gallery wall...

I have just the spot in mind for these.
In love with this India Hicks clutch in Army green. 

Love everything about this boho glam space.

Yes please and it's Dairy free!! 

These look addicting.

Just ordered this adorbs little flamingo bow for Em from Dainty & Dapper! (Don't miss out on their sale!) I also ordered a mint and a gold bow clip as well.

Champagne Granita via Made by Mary 

I'll take one of these poolside.

The search is over!  I've finally found a mascara that stays on, but doesn't leave me losing lashes by the day.  The product is marketed to treat your individual lash needs, prevent lash loss and promote healthy lashes. 

I have been opting for more natural products lately so check back soon for a big list of products I've been loving lately! 

Every girl needs a pop of pink in her closet! I love this online boutique plus they ship things out super fast! 

Can't wait to wear my new Target suit at the beach in a week! Obsessed with Olive green lately. 


Happy Weekend!

I linked up with my beautiful friend Amanda from Meet @ the Barre this week. Check out her blog for lots of great style and beauty buys! 


  1. Avocado rolls- stop my stomach just growled!!! I'm loving that army green clutch and let's not get started with rosa champagne! I love your new bathing suit! Have the best time at the beach! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Thanks for the sweet words shout out. Wait that top is from Target???? I need it! I love the shape of it. I had to click on that link it's dairy free say what??? That is my dream I just need to kick the man out of it to make it happen ;)

  3. That cheesecake ice cream sounds so good, and I love that pink dress! Happy weekend!

  4. Loving that clutch, pink dress and bikini!!! I hope your weekend is as lovely as you are!!!

  5. Omg those egg rolls look amazing!!!! Love that hot pink dress too! So cute!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

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