Vibrance pure vitamins for hair growth and giveaway!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

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Hey ladies! You will be glad you stopped by today, because I am sharing my review for Vibrance pure hair growth vitamins as well as hosting a giveaway for the brand!

What is it?
Eu Natural's Vibrance pure hair vitamins are a multivitamin that support faster hair growth, as well as thicker, fuller and shinier hair.  It is a blend of high quality vitamins, minerals and herbs that work together to improve the health of your hair for optimum growth.  It is packed with a vitamin B complex, vitamin D, biotin and other all natural ingredients.  It should help to reduce split ends, speed up growth and basically just aid in achieving the healthiest hair possible.   It is advertised to help with thinning hair as well. It also provides benefits for your hair skin and nails.  

Check out their website Vibrance Pure hair vitamins for more information, ingredients, etc.       

My review
I have been taking the vitamins daily for about a month now and I am very impressed with the results.  I recently cut my hair in December and I've been seriously missing it, so I jumped at the chance to try out this product!  I have never had problems with thinning hair.  Mine is quite thick, so I can't speak much on that topic, but I have had someone comment that it looks extra shiny!  I did not measure my hair beforehand(and I should have), but here is a picture from the first week that I began the vitamin followed by a photo I took today.  

As you can see there is some noticeable new length. Nothing intensely drastic, but up until recently I just felt like it had stopped growing. Which I'm sure has to do with the fact that I've been feeling anxious for it to grow back. I also noticed that it seems to offer a little energy boost which is a plus for a busy mom of three! I would assume it's from the B and D vitamins. These vitamins are not very small. They aren't difficult to swallow, but they do have a tiny bit of an aftertaste. I recommend following with a lot of water and it should help take care of that problem.You can also see the herbs and ingredients as it is a clear capsule. Which is a good thing.(You can see the quality!) Another thing I have taken note of is that my "next day hair" actually seems to be in better shape so to say.  Typically I have to wash my hair every single day, because it has a tendency to get a greasy look, but not so much since I have been using this product. There is an ingredient that has been added to help balance your hair's natural oil levels. It does seem to feel a bit stronger and smoother also.  Overall I am very happy to have been able to take part in sampling this vitamin. I don't plan on going without this vitamin anytime soon.(Or at least not until I reach my desired length!)  If I put my hair through more color treatments, heat styling etc I would definitely consider adding this as a permanent fixture in my haircare routine.  My hair is naturally straight though and the extent to heat styling I inflict is mainly just blow drying.  

If there are any girls out there with color treated tresses or looking to add a little extra length before summer is upon us here is a discount code you are welcome to use to receive two bottles for the price of one.  (Buy one get one free)

Discount code:   BBVRB1G1

You can purchase on Amazon here EU Natural Vibrance hair vitamins.

Now on to the GIVEAWAY! 

To be entered to win one free full sized bottle of Eu Natural's vibrance pure hair vitamins simply leave a comment below of why you'd like to win.  Contest will close the evening of Thursday the 26th of March.  I will announce the winner on Friday(the 27th)! 


  1. oooh i'd like to win bc i think these would be great for both hair and nails! my nails are pathetic!

  2. I could definitely use some help growing my hair out!

  3. Your hair is gorgeous! Wonder if these would help my poor husband with his thinning hair! Haha Ally - Life as I know it

  4. I love your hair!!! I totally don't struggle with the long hair part lol, but I'd love to get the shiny back into it!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. Wow this sounds awesome! I have the thinnest hair ever, so I would definitely love to win! ;) Have a great weekend!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  6. Although my hair grows pretty fast I think it's become pretty dull. I color and heat style my hair and would love to try these to help get my shine back!
    - Jen

  7. I'd like to win because years of processing has taken a toll on my hair's health

  8. I would like to win because my hair grows soooooo slowly -- and I color and perm it, so I can sure use something like this!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  9. I was dealing with a lot of issues last year and my hair pretty much went to hell. I've been slowly trying to turn it around and I've been looking for a supplement to add for hair growth.

  10. I was dealing with a lot of issues last year and my hair pretty much went to hell. I've been slowly trying to turn it around and I've been looking for a supplement to add for hair growth.

  11. i read this post and how to done this process and how much cost of this medicine

    healthier nails | Iain Sallis

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