Instawave by KISS! Review and tutorial!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

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 Hi ladies, today I am reviewing the Instawave by KISS !

The Instawave is an automatic curler that creates perfect curls instantly. The Instawave has the ability to create a range of styles from loose waves to bouncy curls with just the touch of a button!  The styles are long lasting and very easy to accomplish.  I did not apply any product such as hair spray, etc and my curls lasted into the following morning.  

I would like to emphasise just how very easy this curler is to use. I am not a pro at styling hair by any means.  I have owned the wand style curling iron for years and I may have used it three times total.  In terms of ease the instawave can not be beat.  It is a foolproof product. I was able to take these photos myself while successfully styling my own hair, with the addition of a 4 year old balancing next to me chatting throughout the entire process! lol  Here is the tutorial!  

Instwave photo tutorial

Step 1) Hold the instawave vertically and place a section of hair on the curling rod.   

I started with freshly washed blow dried hair.  I've been told that when curling hair it is best to start with "next day" hair or hair that hasn't been freshly washed.  It is supposed to hold the curl better.  I opt not to because my hair gets oily easily and basically just requires to be washed daily.  On a side note I am pretty jealous of the girls out there that can get away with washing their hair every few days!   

Step 2) Use the curling dial by simply pushing the button to curl to the left or right. (You can choose the direction)  

This photo shows the curler beginning to wrap the hair around the barrel.  This curler is ensured to be tangle free which I can certainly attest to.    

Step 3) Hold the barrel in place for 5-10 seconds. Depending on how loose/tight you would like your curls.  

I set my iron on high and held for about 15 seconds.  It is designed to work quicker than this, but I have very straight hair naturally.  In fact my hair tends to just drop curls and return to it's natural state in my experience with typical curling irons.  

Step 4) Pull the instawave down vertically releasing the hair. 

Voila! A perfect curl.

I would have loved to feature a video demonstrating the Instawave, but my cameraman/husband wasn't available yesterday.  I didn't think my little guy Cole was up to the job... lol  

A few other things I would like to mention are that the Instawave shuts itself off after 90 minutes.

The Instawave is available for purchase in Target, Ulta and on Amazon.

Here is the KISS website if you would like to learn more


I created both of these looks using the instwave.

The 2nd photo hair came out a bit better as I had a moment to myself that day.  It was also my first attempt at using the curler!  

The first photo I had my little helper Cole ensuring me that my hair looked beautiful throughout the styling process.  lol  Needless to say I was a little less focused. 

I would suggest using a hair spray or mousse beforehand for more staying power.  My hair did hold up well without the use of product though.  

I always flip my head over and shake out the curls a little as I prefer looser curls. 

I prefer to curl the pieces in the front away from my face. It helps to frame your face nicely.  The Instwave makes that very easy as the curling dial features a right and left direction to choose from on the button.  It is suggested to use both directions when curling to create the most natural looking curls.

I am super excited to use the Instawave to create looks for the Holidays and am going to try a more wavy style look with my next use.

Who knows maybe there will be a Holiday hair video tutorial in the near future! 



  1. Your hair looks flawless!! I love the way the curls came out!!

  2. oh my goodness, your hair looks amazing! i really want one now.

  3. These Instawaves are really taking off! Your hair looks amazing!

  4. Ok I really need to try out this iron now! Your curls look amazing!!

    <3 Shannon

  5. You hair looks so good! I might have to try this out, my hair is not a fan of curling!

    <3, Pamela

  6. I want this! I looked at my Target today and no luck... You know how short my hair is, do you think it would work on it?

  7. Wow, this looks like a fantastic product - love how your waves turned out!

  8. The curls look very glamorous, love it. I would be afraid of getting my hair stuck, but looks like you had no problems.


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